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Technical Help > Video Files Extraction & use of DvdShrin

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chrisnathouPosted at 2015-06-16 20:11:27(213 wks ago) (Technical Help / Video Files Extraction & use of DvdShrin)

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Hi everyone,

Did have a pb the other day on 'A HEATHEN'S REALITY' dvd with the using of DvdShrink to extract files.
The files were not 100% identical as previous versions seeded in MWP...
Can somenone confirm the best way to extract files from a dvd without risks of corrupting it ?
Is it as simple as just oopying the files directly from the dvd, as I may remember it was written in the MWP Forum ?:help

Thanks for help...


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JimmyShelterPosted at 2015-06-16 20:26:09(213 wks ago) (Technical Help / Video Files Extraction & use of DvdShrin)
Claude the Coder Cat

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If it isn't an official release then there probably won't be any copyright protection, in which case you can just copy the whole VIDEO_TS folder.

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neilwilkesPosted at 2015-06-20 16:32:18(212 wks ago) (Technical Help / Video Files Extraction & use of DvdShrin)

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There are options available to you.
The best way I know of to get pure streams off any DVD is the late, lamented (but thankfully still easily available) DVD Decrypter. Search for DVDDecrypter or else drop me a PM with an email address.
This has a fantastically useful bit called "Stream Processing" which enables you to take any VOB (or Video OBject, the base unit of DVD) and pull into separate files all it's bits as M2V, PCM, AC3, DTS, Subtitles etc as well as timing lists for chapter points.

If needing to reduce from DVD9 to DVD5, DVDShrink is your boy & all you need to do is copy the Video_TS to your local HDD and process (assuming there is no copy protection, in which case you will need SlySoft's AnyDVD (not free but awesomely good) although unless an official release there will not be any Copy Protection - mainly because you cannot protect a written disc easily or cheaply)

Personally given the choice I will always choose to degrade video before audio. It's a lot easier to fool the eye than the ears which is why we use 24 frames per second for film & a sample rate of 48,000kHz for audio on that film.

@Chris - what are you looking to do please? Happy to walk you through the processes. It never fails to amaze me just how much can be done with free tools as well.

Last edited by neilwilkes on 2015-06-20 16:33:16

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