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DanthecoatPosted at 2018-02-09 20:36:30(80 wks ago) (Introduce Yourself / Hello and Thanks for the add)

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Hi All

Great to be here and thank you for having me on the group :)

I used to collect bootlegs way back in the day when just cassettes were available. I recently found a lot of them in my loft and was instantly whisked back to my days at uni where i would buy swap and sell to get myself that next elusive Ziggy Concert and beer money :)

I was wondering if anyone had compiled some sort of grading list for his Ziggy shows and more beyond?

It would be very helpful as we all used to grade them though to be honest quite often someones 9 grade was often a completely different grade to what i would've given it LOL

I used to be strictly a Ziggy fan and didn't care for much after the Diamond Dogs Album and even that to me had a few dodgy tracks but i have found now that i am older i pretty much love everything this man has ever done and now sadly that he has passed i realise just how important this man was not just in my formative years as i used to think but in my life as a whole.

Every song sparks a memory for me and as he said himself

Aint there one damn song...............................

Thanks again and any info on some form of grading would be appreciated


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steve23yhPosted at 2018-02-12 16:29:55(79 wks ago) (Introduce Yourself / Hello and Thanks for the add)

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This is sooo subjective.  Some people use words, some use numbers.  I decided the only way was to do both, so:

SUP (Superior)  10/10
EX             9½/10
VG+             9/10
VG             8½/10

I always work on the principle that 'normal people' i.e. not bootleg collectors, wouldn't listen to anything below an 8½.

G+              8/10
G              7½/10

And I wouldn't want to listen to anything below a 7½ for pleasure.

F (Fair)       6-7/10
P (Poor)       4-5/10
B (Bad)        below 4/10

But what's clear is that one man's 8/10 is another's 10/10.  I do try to benchmark my ratings against PimmJal, however, so at least a level of consistency.

Don't blame me, I didn't do it!
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