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BesomdavePosted at 2015-08-24 18:11:16(217 wks ago) (Site Support / peer to peer Trackers and windows 10)

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I read a couple of articles online today regarding how windows 10 can 'zap' (illegal?) torrents from your pc / system.

Heres one:


I want to upgrade to win 10 but if M/soft are going to be able to remove files I donnload from here (or other sites)- im not so sure I should.

Any thoughts from the admin team or others


Dave W

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JanErikPosted at 2015-08-24 19:23:06(217 wks ago) (Site Support / peer to peer Trackers and windows 10)

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It seems like Windows 10 has the potential of being a perfect big brother, that might delete anything on your hard drive and report it to anti-piracy groups and law enforcement.

I believe that they might use it with this priority:

1. Microsoft programs and games
2. Big 3. party programs like Adobe
3. Pirated movies
4. Pirated cds (it is already a big decline in downloads due to legal (and illegal) streaming)
5. Bootlegs

What they can do with it depends on the laws in the country where you live. In the US you can get sued for millions just for downloading some MP3s, but in Norway, where I live only the really big pirates might be at risk.

I believe that the chance of getting into trouble with downloading from this site is next to nothing, but downloading MS Office from Pirate Bay will be very dangerous.

If you need the latest versions of Microsoft/Windows software and games, you will probably need to accept their rules in a couple of years time, when new software/games will no longer work with Win7/Win8.

Personally I have been using Linux as my primary OS for about 10 years (after getting fed up of re-installing Vista). There are only 2 things that I need Windows for, Fix SBEs with TLH (All other things work with TLH/Wine) and FixVTS for fixing a few downloaded DVDs that I have problem with burning.

If you are paranoid, stay away from Windows 10. If you trust Microsoft, go for it.
If I had to use Windows, I would probably stick with Win7 as long as I could.

As it was written in the article, some torrent sites are also blocking the use of Win10.

Last edited by JanErik on 2015-08-24 19:26:41

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KiwikidPosted at 2015-08-25 01:51:40(216 wks ago) (Site Support / peer to peer Trackers and windows 10)

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I couldn't put on my desktop that's used for torrents etc it's running vista , put on a laptop with some files some could concider dodgy but that's youtube downloads of some concerts,  pdf's of offical music books for guitar and other bits I lost no data ( but then we know about backing up and ext harddrives), I haven't had any problems in change over, watched Video from one of managers of microsoft talking about it and one thing is how they can get it to us free is be like google and all the rest and track browsing for targeted advertising so 3rd party pay for it, so it will keep an eye on the cookies of sites you're visting like the rest, once loaded you have a 30 days to change back to your old version, so don't know what it's going to do factory restore when thats up

Last edited by Kiwikid on 2015-08-25 08:38:11

Bless the Tapers and Uploaders they make the Music Live
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