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Bowie General > Hunky Geordie update

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steve23yhPosted at 2015-07-11 21:12:47(223 wks ago) (Bowie General / Hunky Geordie update)

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Right then chaps.

Once Bang Bang has finished upping, I'll have re-upped virtually everything from the original Hunky Geordie collection, originally uploaded to MWP.  There are only two exceptions:

HUG003DVD (Manchester 1990) - major rework on this one to a multi-camera mix.  Haven't started on it yet, so assume at least a couple of months.

SLIGHT SECONDS VOLUME 2 - I've been focusing on the upgrades for the main series, so the tweaks to HGSS2 are still work in progress.  Assume early August.

I'm off on hols for the second half of July, but other than the two above, there's new stuff coming.  As it stands, here's how it's shaping up:

1. Definitely some new HG audios.  It's looking like two new volumes (33 & 34) though I'm probably one concert short of it being two full DVD's worth.

2. Three multi-camera DVDs.  One is already done, just needs checking it's OK.  The other two will be my work to do when I get back from hols.

3. Seven or eight other new DVDs.  Only one concert, otherwise it's TV stuff and compilations.  First one tomorrow.

4. A couple of audio compilations.  Have a pile of soundchecks, which I'm toying with.  Not my bag at all, but if anyone's interested, could pull those together as a compilation.  And a definite rarity for the final HG release, when it happens.

So it'll be breaking the 300 barrier in the end, and I guess HG will finally draw down the final curtain somewhere in September.


Don't blame me, I didn't do it!
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nogginPosted at 2015-07-13 06:01:26(223 wks ago) (Bowie General / Hunky Geordie update)

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Much respect for all your work Steve. I'm tired just looking at it all :)

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MBFPosted at 2015-07-13 22:14:09(223 wks ago) (Bowie General / Hunky Geordie update)

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Yes, thanks a lot Steve for all the work you've done for us over the last few years. Certainly been a marathon effort for you but definitely worthwhile mate!

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nolajayPosted at 2015-07-14 05:36:25(223 wks ago) (Bowie General / Hunky Geordie update)

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Thanks Steve for all the work. And for upping the ones I asked for on MWP first.

As fast as I can type (tomorrow) I'll be continuously seeding the whole series.

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