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KiwikidPosted at 2015-10-13 22:20:23(196 wks ago) (Bowie General / Mick Ronson Memorial Concerts)

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I've got the offical from 29 April 94 concert with Joe Elliott leading the Spiders from Mars
no Bowie in Show though thats who some people went to see. then weekend of 9 August 97 was another 2 shows to celebrate Opening Mick Ronson Memorial Stage in Queens Garden, Kingston upon Hull, anyone heard of or got recordings of those looks like was most of same Artists as at 94 Hammersmith plus The Yellow Monkey from Japan, no Bowie again

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downunder2Posted at 2015-10-13 22:57:51(196 wks ago) (Bowie General / Mick Ronson Memorial Concerts)

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I managed to get to the Hull show in '97, missed the next day at the Stage opening though.

I recorded most of the show, due to battery issues there are some cuts in some of the sets, ended up borrowing some batteries from security!

I never uploaded this to MWP, it was more something I did for myself at the time, I traded tapes back in the day, they may be still floating around.

Unfortunately all my recordings are in storage and I'm not planning getting them out in the near future, so maybe some of those tapes may still be out there.

What I remember of the show was, it was bloody hot, a lot of Japanese kids flew in to see Yellow Monkey, there was some rubbish comedian, Ian Hunter's set was a bit subdued (IMHO), I'd seen Bowie in Nottingham that same trip and there was speculation he might show, some stupid lookalike ziggy fronted at the end though which seemed lame.

At least I got to see woody and trev, there were 2 stationery video cameras either side of the mixing desk, I think some of the Yellow Monkey set has surfaced, they may have been set just for them, I have not seen anything else from this show though, I did see another guy with a recording rig, he didn't get anything because of tech problems, apparently.

If you can find Sven from Norway he may have something from the stage opening, I think I also sent him tapes as well?

I did upload video of the '94 Memorial on MWP, but it was a very bad copy, rough cut, that may be floating around still.

So long ago now!



just went to Sven Gusevik's site, on his trade list, I think the last one is the Stage opening day?

1994.04.29 Mick Ronson Memorial Concert | Hammersmith Odeon, London | 183min | Q10 | FM | 308+309 [4xCDR] this is the complete BBC broadcast including artist interviews

1997.08.09 Mick Ronson Memorial Concert II | Hull Arena | 260min | Q9 | AUD | 345-347
1997.08.10 MR Memorial II, Hull Arena (The Yellow Monkey) | 60min | Q8 | AUD | 255

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KiwikidPosted at 2015-10-14 08:43:13(196 wks ago) (Bowie General / Mick Ronson Memorial Concerts)

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Thanks Steve think I had that Video that's one I've lost sorting out some stuff found only had one Rono solo Show  shouldn't rely on hard drives so much

pretty sure you're 10th opening by Sven's title and length of tape not much more than Yellow Monkey and opening taped

my 94 show offical set has a cd-rom with 2 Pro Shot tracks  Roger Taylor - It's a Kind of Magic, All Performers doing All the Young Dudes,  though can't expect too much for 15yrs ago lucky to get that as a bonus disc, so somewhere there maybe a good pro shot of whole show


Bless the Tapers and Uploaders they make the Music Live
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