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JanErikPosted at 2015-11-16 23:51:45(191 wks ago) (Technical Help / Virus warning)

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At least 2 users here at Bowie Station have been infected by a computer virus.

If you receive an email from a Bowie contact (or any other person) similar to:


Not able to show full message.
You can view it by clicking here

Gmail error code: 5074 (Mon Nov 16 19:17:55 CET 2015)

Do not click on the link. If you use another email provider, that name is probably used instead of Gmail.

When clicking on the link you get to a page that looks like Gmail (in my case, if you use Live.com you will see a copy of their page).

When entering the password there, the virus maker gets your password and uses your account to send out similar email to all your contacts to spread the virus.

If you have clicked on the link and entered your password you should do the following:

- Change your email password ASAP
- Change your password on all other accounts that have the same password as your email (paypal, ebay, online banking, amazon...)
- Do your best to inform your contacts that they should not open the virus you unwillingly sent them.

If you receive this virus from any of your contacts you should do the following:

- Inform your contact that they are infected by virus.
- Do not click on the link, but delete the message.

I have tested things out as good as I can on an isolated computer, but I do not know what happens after entering the password on the fake page. I can't do that without sending out the virus to all my contacts myself. If anything was downloaded and opened after entering the fake page, your computer might also be infected.

Please take action, since the consequences might be hijacked email accounts, paypal accounts used to buy things online.

Jan Erik

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JanErikPosted at 2015-11-17 00:05:08(191 wks ago) (Technical Help / Virus warning)

Uploaded: 17.26 TB
Downloaded: 2.44 TB
Posts: 1202

Ratio: 7.07
Location: Norway

A couple of links:

This is how your Gmail account got hacked:

What Should I Do If My Gmail Account Was Hacked?

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