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Announcements > Hunky Geordie Tapes - Uploading as single releases

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JanErikPosted at 2016-02-06 15:55:46(188 wks ago) (Announcements / Hunky Geordie Tapes - Uploading as single releases)

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The whole collection of Hunky Geordie Tapes will be uploaded as single releases.

I have uploaded volume 1, and all 33 volumes will be uploaded.

I used about 1 hour to prepare the uploads, and if anyone would like to help out, both with sharing and uploading I will be grateful for all help.

The uploads are direct copies of the folders from the HG Tapes uploads, so if you are seeding the HG tapes, you can help out with downloading the torrent files and start seeding the same files. It can easily be done without having a duplicate set of the files.

If you like to help out with uploading, please take contact before starting to post.

All uploads includes samples, artworks and ffp-files in the torrent announcements.

Jan Erik

Last edited by JanErik on 2016-02-06 16:14:02

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