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MythicalkingPosted at 2016-02-07 10:47:26(200 wks ago) (Introduce Yourself / Everything Has Changed!)

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Bowie has been an integral part of my life from the moment I first played Ziggy back in 1972.  He captivated me with his music and he shone a light into the dark corners of self, culture and the wider world that invited me to think about all of those things in a different way - helping to inform and shape the adult that I became.  I followed him on his musical journey right up to Blackstar, buying the albums in multiple formats and versions, and he never let me down (even the album of the same name had it’s moments!).  When the news of his death came through I bought the Five Years box-set purely as a gesture of remembrance (a teasured keepsake that I will never play).  Like so many of us within the Bowie community my sense of loss is huge and at 59 years of age I feel personally diminished by his passing but incredibly grateful for everything that he has given me throughout my life.  I’m downloading stuff from your site almost by compulsion and as a sort of coping strategy and want to record my sincere thanks to you and all of those who have gone before (MWP, Savage Jaw, Hunky Geordie, etc.) for providing me this outlet and helping to keep the memory of the great man alive.

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paperdragonPosted at 2016-02-07 10:58:55(200 wks ago) (Introduce Yourself / Everything Has Changed!)

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Very well said and believe me, we're all feeling it. Welcome to BowieStation!

...and then my mind split open.
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